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Affordable, Trusted Website Managed Hosting

There’s a lot of headache in dealing with hosting.  Why stress out about it? Let me take care of the headaches of making sure your website stays online and secure. 

What does managed hosting mean? It means I’ll make sure the server stays up to date for you, and if you’re running WordPress, I’ll make sure WordPress and the themes/plugins installed stay up to date for you.  If something stops being updated, I’ll work with you to find an alternative so your website stays safe. 


Plans For Every Need

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Not sure which plan fits you or prefer a custom solution?
Reach out and I’ll work with you to get it figured out!

Our Features

All Hosting Plans Include 

Ease of Contact

I’m just an email away. Prefer to talk to me via social media? Go ahead. Prefer to call me? Ring me up. Need to talk in sign language? No problem!

Outage Monitoring

Outages aren’t cool. I keep a close eye on our servers and put in measures to minimize outages. I know how important your website is for you!

Security Matters

I don’t like getting hacked. I know you don’t too. I work hard to make sure our server AND your website stays secure.

Basic Migration

Need help moving your website from your old to our server? As long as your website isn’t complex, I’ll move it to our server for you. Free.

Always Back Everything Up!

I back up every website once a week, and keep the last four backups. Need your website restored? Hit me up and let’s make it happen!


I work hard to stay on the edge of developing tech, which means always working to find a way to make our server faster, smarter, and more secure!

Premium Services

Need a Fix?

Did something happen to your website and you need someone to jump in and rescue it? Hey, it happens, I completely get it. I’ll work hard to help fix it!

Custom Migration

If you have a website that isn’t a basic website and requires some special handling, no problem, I’ll work hard to get everything moved over to our server and make sure everything is working.

Join the Future!

Want me to run a full analysis of your website to check for outdated stuff, security issues, and performance issues, then fix them all for you? No problem!

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